About Us

Founded by Mark Fletcher in 2014 with a vision to be the preferred photography service to the WOW group of companies. We want to provide the best images we can for you to treasure. We therefore offer photo shoots from Maternity days, to New Born, Babies, Toddlers, Birthdays and other family events. We achieve this by being flexible in our approach from shooting in classes, studios and customers homes.

In the early days, we trialled many different photography models for classes including candid in-class photo shoots, pop-up themed photo shoots, and pop-up studio type portrait photo shoots. All have their place and vary depending upon the local needs of our customers.

We are very lucky to have recruited some extensively experienced photographers who have worked with children for many years. The service offering is of the best quality and is governed by our central policies with safeguarding as a priority.

If you are an experienced photographer looking to extend your working profile, or even a budding photographer with a passion for your own business, please get in touch. There may be opportunities available near you!